ABS just recently celebrated its 45th birthday! Since then, a few people have reached out to ask me about what I think our secret has been to staying relevant over the years in our ever-changing industry. I felt like now might be a good time for me to share with everyone what I truly believe has helped us stay in business and what will continue to drive our growth and success for years to come.

Like every other Cisco Partner and Network Integrator, ABS provides value by acting as a true partner to our clients. By leveraging our deep bench of engineering expertise, we help clients overcome business challenges, meet business demands, and create roadmaps unique to their environments. Our job is to stay ahead of the technology curve and continuously morph our mindset and business solutions to suit the needs of our clients.

Beyond our ability to morph over time, which after 45 years has proven to be key, what differentiates us from the competition is WHY we are in business and WHY we do what we do. Yes, we enjoy helping our clients succeed. Yes, we enjoy making our clients’ lives easier by providing the best customer service possible. I have my father and ABS’ founder, John Hunter Dorroh Jr., to sincerely thank for setting that tone from day one.


(Photographed above from left to right: Trent Dorroh, John Hunter Dorroh, Jr. and Hunter Dorroh)

Yet at the heart of ABS, and at the heart of each employee, what inspires and drives the true grit, “work hard-play hard” mentality witnessed in all employees across the organization, is the spirit of giving back to the communities in which we do business and consistently honoring employees for going above & beyond the call of duty for our clients.

As a privately held company, ABS does not answer to shareholders. ABS answers to its clients, business partners, and employees. Combining community philanthropy with employee appreciation programs naturally fuels the level of synergy for all parties – ABS clients, business partners, employees, and the surrounding communities. ABS employees are inspired to succeed daily and to go the extra mile for our clients-ultimately providing unparalleled customer service.

All ABS employees (or family members as I commonly refer to them as) understand that they aren’t just “configuring a switch” or “generating a quote.” ABS employees understand that they are taking the necessary steps to reach the end goal: to help clients succeed, give back to the community, and improve the quality of their own lives and the lives of their families.

The constant pursuit of this end goal is what makes ABS special, it’s what makes ABS unique, and it’s why ABS has been in business for over 45 years.

Hunter Dorroh

As the CEO & Visionary of ABS Technology, Hunter Dorroh works tirelessly to steer ABS towards success by putting his employees (or his ‘family members’ as he often refers to them as) communities, and customers first – always.