What it Means to be a VMware vExpert

September 6, 2017 Data Center, Trends

vExpertAs a technology enthusiast, I like to write about what I do, the things I design and implement and especially answers to the problems that I find and that there is no official documentation on how to solve them.

In my personal blog, vWannabe.com I have a few study guides, some tricks of the trade and from time to time I share my opinion on current topics. When I learned that VMware had a program called VMware vExpert, I decided to apply. This program helps me to share my knowledge and multiplies my effort in contributing back to the community.

The VMware community is something special; you can request assistance from a lot of great engineers out there. There is certain camaraderie among all the users, vExperts, employees and everyone that in some form is related to VMware that feeds the community and brings it all together. One of my favorites is the vBrownBag (https://vbrownbag.com/) community that meets weekly and is a great contributor during VMworld each year.

For me, VMworld provides a stage to grow as a professional. Each year I select the sessions that will provide ABS and I the most advantage while taking into consideration our current client base, my knowledge gaps, and what we think is the industry is headed in terms of new technology adoption.VMW-LOGO-vEXPERT-2017-k

The VMware vExpert program supports the community by providing access to the software via evaluation licenses. It helps with private channels and forums, and honestly, it is cool to have a group that gives you the feeling that you belong and that you are giving something back. The program provides a lot of training not only about VMware products but also about the integration with everything the different companies use every day on top of their vSphere environment.

To apply to be a vExpert the most notable feat is to have a hunger for learning and sharing. If you feel awesome when you write a blog about the things that you do, then in your heart, you are in the right place. If that’s the case, I would encourage you to join the vExpert community as well.

Javier Rodriguez, a veteran of the IT Industry and vExpert, is a Senior Data Center Engineer for. He focuses on maintaining a pulse on shifts in the industry while designing and implementing best-in-breed virtualization and storage architectures.