July 12, 2017 Corporate Culture, Trends

In our fast-paced, ever-connected and busy world, finding balance with our time seems like the carrot I’m always chasing. Early in my career, vacations weren’t a priority. Every minute I could work was a minute I could learn; I loved it and time itself wasn’t necessarily hard to find. Long weekends and holidays were my recharging stations. In the past couple of years, taking vacation and extended time off to relax, recharge, and reflect, has been an invaluable use of time, as time continues to constrain. Reading books, running, splashing in some waves, and long car rides with the curiosity and resulting wisdom imparted on me by our kids in the backseat are a few of my favorite memories. It’s amazing the things you’ll learn by just listening without an agenda.

When I truly disconnect, even for a few hours, I find myself brainstorming solutions to problems which, prior to disconnecting, would have been low priorities. As it turns out, they were only low priorities because I hadn’t found the time to dive in to understand the root causes. This correlates with brainstorming sessions in collaborative environments. Think about how many times you go into a meeting with an agenda and a problem or two to solve, but you leave with solutions to other problems, too.

As summer heats up, many of our team will make their own memories, on a beach, swinging on a porch, napping on a raft in a pool, or driving down the highway with the windows down because you’re A/C decided to break mid-trip (been there!) We measure productivity at ABS every day, but we also realize the culture, dedication, happiness and learning habits of our team members drive the results to take care of our clients and our team. “Work Hard, Play Hard, Be Humble” is our tagline and we certainly live up to it. Happy summer!



Bryan Campbell, CPA, MBA is the VP of Strategy and Operations at ABS. He is also the creator and leader of Innovate: Norfolk and he has been the recipient of several awards to include the Top 5 Under 35 from the Virginia Society of CPAs, Top 40 Under 40 from Inside Business and Outstanding Young Alumnus from the University of Mary Washington.