Trick or Treat Yo’self … Tips to Stay Sane During the Holidays

October 30, 2018 Trends

Stay SaneAs Halloween approaches, it marks the start of the busy holiday season fueled only by endless amounts of candy, baked goods, holiday spirit and of course coffee. It can already be a challenge balancing work and your personal life at any point of the year, but add in numerous office, neighborhood, and family parties and suddenly the most wonderful time of year becomes a job. The saying goes “trick or treat, smell my…” you know the rest, but have you really thought about taking this time of year to sit back, relax and “Treat Yo’self”. If you haven’t, here are a few ways to manage your schedule and still find much needed personal time.

Plan your days off and disconnect. I mean truly mean it. Take additional time off work and disconnect from everything. We all look forward to the days off we have to spend with family and snuggled up on the couch. But in reality, we are scanning emails and sometimes even taking calls that pertain to our careers. Instead of your normal year round routine, treat yourself to a true day off. Turn off your phone, ignore your emails, and focus on the time you get to relax and enjoy the holiday’s. The key to this tip is remembering to plan your days off in advanced, no one likes an employee that waits until the week before to ask off of work.

Say “no” and set realistic expectations. This is the simplest, but somehow most difficult, concept for putting yourself first. The holiday’s bring on numerous social commitments that are a lot to balance with a full-time career. Remember to be realistic with your personal and work commitments, if you really don’t have time for an extra side project let your co-workers know. Same goes for the endless holiday parties, of course you will be missed, but having those extra couple of hours to decompress will be worth it in the end.

Finally, do something for yourself, or…Treat Yo’self. Buy yourself your own Christmas gift, get a massage, go out for a fancy dinner or spend the day on the couch watching your favorite holiday movies. Whatever it may be that helps you relax or makes you happy, do it. Remember to find some time for yourself during this time of year.

The next few months bring lots of candy, joy, and warmth that we are all looking forward to but remember to set a realistic schedule for yourself and plan ahead for your days off, don’t be afraid to say no, and treat yo’self to something nice! There’s nothing more important than a healthy work life balance, especially during the holidays!


Kaitlyn Julien - IT Recruiter at ABSKaitlyn Julien is a Technical Recruiter for ABS Technology who is simply passionate about helping people find the right fit.