Top 5 Reasons You Need to Make the Journey to the Cloud

July 10, 2017 Data Center, Security, Trends

The cloud provides enterprises of all sizes with the elements needed to implement almost any modern IT solution. A recent study from the State of the Cloud Report found that 85 percent of enterprises have some sort of cloud strategy. Here are my top five reasons on why a cloud solution could work for anyone:

  1. Low Initial Cost: When developing a new solution means buying too much of everything new (hardware and software,) a cloud approach means less (or no) capital expenditure and still get things done. The caveat here is to keep an eye on the meter, an error with the design or even if the application is a huge success could mean a nasty bill from the cloud provider.
  2. It is easy: Let’s face the fact that cloud providers and ecosystem partners that can help enterprises migrate to the cloud are better at infrastructure design, deployment and support. The application owners know their game, but they rely (for the most part) on experts to provide the underlying infrastructure needed to support the application.
  3. Unique Features: A solution design for the cloud will not be the same as one designed for a Virtualized Environment. There are a few characteristics (self-service, automated, scalable) that are unique in a cloud environment which will open a huge set of possibilities for the solutions architect.


  1. Time to market: Once the architecture team designs the solution blueprint, the time from paper to iron is reduced dramatically because the process is on-demand. It is faster to implement in a cloud provider than on premises, even if there is a private cloud providing the infrastructure component.
  2. Security: When most people complain about the cloud, the number one concern is security. Well, assuming the cloud provider has some credibility, they tend to take security very seriously. The physical security of their data centers is impressive and the application security relies on the design, which could be a lot easier because of what I just explained in the aforementioned point number three (unique features.)

As the challenges to move to the cloud are resolved, and the paradigm in IT shifts to continuous delivery, automated, on-demand, and self-service, the adoption will continue to grow until the discussion about why moving to the cloud becomes irrelevant as those who did not board on time become irrelevant as well.

Javier Rodriguez, a veteran of the IT Industry, is a Senior Data Center Engineer for ABS. He focuses on maintaining a pulse on shifts in the industry while designing and implementing best-in-breed virtualization and storage architectures.