Top 5 Reasons You Need a Managed Service Agreement

IT Support ServicesAs I write this blog post, I must first reveal that I am a Director of Client Support and manage all of the managed service agreements for ABS Technology. In full disclosure, I obviously want you to contract with ABS for managed services to supplement your IT needs. Now with the official disclosure made, let’s talk managed services for IT and why you may want to consider them for your organization. Since Top 5 lists seem to be popular, I will give my top 5 reasons in no particular order because everyone has different priorities.

Reason # 1 – Need for Technical Expertise

Chances are that IT is not the focus of your business.  IT is a tool that helps you create and maintain your focus.  A good managed service company for IT can provide the technical expertise that you do not have on staff.  If you are a school system, you want to concentrate on delivering a consistent student learning experience.  You don’t want to worry about the network being up or down.

Reason # 2 – Consistent IT Budget

Many of us like predictable spending.  I like it when it comes to my personal budget. I like it when it comes to operating expenses at work. A managed service allows you to have a more consistent IT spend.  You won’t have that unexpected expense of replacing that server that went belly up if you have managed service support on it. MSA’s allow for more predictability in IT spend.

Reason # 3 – Consistent Response Times

Any good managed service with have guaranteed response times.  You don’t have to worry that your only IT person is on vacation to Aruba for the next 2 weeks.  A managed service will generally bring a whole organization of people just waiting to meet your IT need.  Whether it is a total system outage or just a minor change, knowing that someone can be expected work on fixing the issue is reassuring.

Reason # 4 – Augment Existing Staff

You may be in a pinch and need to augment what you currently have on staff.  Maybe you have a whiz bang desktop person, but have no one to run the network.  A managed service provider can fill in those gaps for you and usually at less than what it would cost you to hire and maintain someone.

Reason # 5 – Proactive Maintenance

I hear all the time from clients that they have a need to be more proactive.  A managed service does just that.  A good provider will be monitoring the environment as well as providing updates and patches.  These things will keep your IT department running smoothly.

While I recognize that everyone may have different angles as to how they approach managed services, I hope this blog post helps provide some additional solid reasoning as to why you may need a managed service agreement in your organization.


jeremy-niedzwiecki-1A proven leader, Jeremy Niedzwiecki has over 20 years in the IT industry. As the Director of Customer Support at ABS, Jeremy works to ensure that the ABS Customer Support team continuously provides the highest levels of support possible ABS clients.