The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection: ABS’ Path to TQMS

March 22, 2017 Company News

One of the most common phrases you can hear when walking through any ABS office is “Work hard & stay humble.” Here at ABS, we never stand still and we never stop learning. Individually and as team, we are always looking at what we do and how we can do it better. As a result of the ABS commitment to continuous improvement, our visionary, Hunter Dorroh, has steered us towards the path of ISO9001:2015 registration for quality and quality control.

As an IT company, ABS is very familiar with a myriad of vendor and career accreditations. When we first started looking at the requirements, we anticipated a long checklist of trainings and paperwork. Well, little did we know, ISO 9001:2015 is MUCH more than that! It truly encompasses every facet of the business by putting in place all the necessary checks and balances needed to ensure the best outcomes for our clients, partners, and employees. ISO 9001:2015 does not dictate how to do things. It has the flexibility to adapt to any company and has given us the chance to build our own custom quality management system. We have labeled our program the Total Quality Management System or TQMS.

ABS expects ISO 9001:2015 to bring the following benefits to the company:

  • Create satisfied clients, partners, and employees
  • Help our company to continuously improve by reviewing our processes and procedures on a regular and ongoing basis
  • Validate the ‘ABS way’ against a set of known quality standards

With a registration goal date of fall 2017, ABS has already been working tirelessly to ensure the project flows smoothly. We have assigned a Project Manager, Quality Representative and created a Quality Team which is composed of representatives of all departments. With ongoing weekly meetings, the Quality Team has gone through every policy, process, and work instruction in place within the company. Any gaps have been identified and are currently being addressed.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver exceptional client outcomes by creating accountability, increasing efficiencies and providing the highest level of client satisfaction. Stay tuned for more updates from ABS as continue on the path to ISO9001:2015 registration.

jeremy-niedzwiecki-1A proven leader, Jeremy Niedzwiecki has over 20 years in the IT industry. As the Director of Customer Support at ABS, Jeremy works to ensure that the ABS Customer Support team continuously provides the highest levels of support possible ABS clients.