The Best Time to Schedule an Interview

We work with a variety of clients across the state of Virginia and West Virginia and with the hiring season at an all-time high right now, we have interviews happening in the morning, afternoon and after normal business hours.

According to Rusty Rueff at Glassdoor, the best time to schedule an interview for an ideal outcome as a candidate is 10:30am on a Tuesday. Why? Because Monday mornings are weekend catch up days, Fridays are to re-cap the week, early mornings are never a good idea (for most people) and apparently the majority of those that Glassdoor surveyed, hiring managers will think negatively about you if they have to spend time interviewing you before heading home for the evening.

We operate a little differently at ABS. We have lunch interviews where we’ll order candidates lunch and we even interview candidates over dinner. With sixty open positions our clients and internal hiring managers are squeezing in interviews whenever they can.

A notable change in the hiring winds can be attributed to candidates controlling the hiring process. With unemployment currently at <3.8% the competition to find talent in the IT industry is at an all-time high. Employers are creating new incentives to keep their great talent and hiring teams have to develop creative ways to incite interest in positions and facilitate the interview process.

So, when is the best time to schedule an interview? Well if you have IT related skills send us your resume at and we’re happy to make time to speak with you.



ABS Staffing Services Manager, Caitlin Johnson, is responsible for recruiting top talent for ABS and ABS clients. She leverages her large network to place candidates in the right roles based upon their culture requirements,and technical aptitude.