Tara Hawkins

Project Manager

Tara earned her B.S. in Communications from Virginia Wesleyan. She went on to work at WVEC Channel 13 News for a few years before transitioning into the Corporate Communications arena locally with Amerigroup. This is where she was first exposed to the idea of Project Management and eventually joined ABS in 2011 as a Projet Manager. Tara is a proven asset to the organization, winning the annual “Always Creating Excellence” award for 2015.

When Tara isn’t keeping track of her growing number of ABS implementation projects, she loves to spend her time antiquing; Tara is always on the hunt for vintage items to add to her ever-growing collection! She is also quite the jet setter and loves traveling, especially abroad. Some of her recent trips include, Italy, Sicily, England and Scotland, Fiji and the Bahamas.