Favorite Quote:

“You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything” – Aaron Tippin

Layne Hood

Collaboration Engineer

Layne joined ABS with 20+ years in the IT industry! He started his career by working with computers, copiers, and fax machines; once he was introduced into the telecommunications side of things, he was hooked! As a Collaboration Engineer, he spends his time helping to design and implement some of the most sophisticated Unified Communications networks for ABS’ clients.

Layne was exposed to the ABS team during his time with a previous employer. He was admittedly impressed with the level of knowledge and integrity that was displayed by ABS engineers. After looking deeper into the company and taking note of the community involvement and support that ABS provides, he decided to join the team too! “I enjoy being a part of the culture – the company is very supportive and positive, the people are fantastic, and there is always an opportunity and drive to learn something new.” (Well, shucks, thank you, Layne!)

In his free time, Layne enjoys playing a round of golf or going fishing. He also enjoys woodworking when he gets the opportunity.

Certifications: CCNS-RS, A+, Net+