Favorite Quote:

Always do your best, so you can’t blame yourself for anything.

Jamie Thomas Jr.

Inventory Manager

The name might sound familiar, and no you’re not seeing double! That’s right, Jamie Thomas Jr., son of Jamie Thomas, our very own Systems Engineer, has joined the ABS family.

Jamie Jr. joined us as our Inventory Manager in Virginia Beach. When asked what brought him to the IT field, he tells us that he’s always had a love for computers and technology. Outside the office, Jamie Jr. enjoys traveling, playing Xbox, and spending time with family and friends. He also enjoys just about anything that he can take apart and rebuild.

When asked why he chose to bring his talents to ABS, Jamie Jr. tells us it’s the balance between work and family that he loves (well that, and a slight nudge from his father 😉). He is currently studying for his CCNA and working towards becoming a Network Engineer.