Favorite Quote:

“Work smarter, not harder”

James Woods

Cabling Technician

James joined ABS with a extensive background in everything from cardiac monitor technology to computer game programming to dock construction and tiling. Data installation is another one of James’ many forte’s, as he joined our Structured Cabling department in 2017 as an Inventory Manager and soon after moved into a Cabling Technician role.

Outside of work, it’s no surprise that James has a wide range of talents and abilities. He particularly enjoys playing a card game called Magic: The Gathering which is a strategic game that allows him to use his strength with numbers. He also can recite pi up to over one hundred decimals on command, which he taught himself out of sheer interest in memorizing numbers.

James tells us that he was looking to take a future-proof turn in his career path which led him to the technology industry. When asked why he chose ABS, he says “I can certainly see the care that is given to the employees here, and I feel privileged to be a part of it.”