Favorite Quote:

“I cannot rest from travel; I will drink Life to the lees.” – Tennyson

Hunter Dorroh

CEO & Visionary

Hunter is the Chief Executive Officer and Visionary, who like all of the Dorroh kids started working at ABS under the leadership of his father pulling weeds and picking up cigarette butts. After graduation from the College of William and Mary in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, he began in the accounting department. Rapidly developing a disdain for paperwork, he discovered a knack for computers and new technology and transitioned into a position working with technicians. It comes as no surprise after decades of experience that Hunter’s current responsibilities include leading the focus and direction of ABS.

He enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, canoeing, boating and spending time with his wife, Katrina, and their two daughters, Tyler and Juliette. Hunter is typically accompanied by his faithful sidekick, Tucker, his French bulldog.