Favorite Quote:

“There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path.”

Frederick Poteet

Networking Intern

Frederick, a current student of the Cisco Networking Academy, joined the ABS Family as an intern for the Summer of 2015 and is back for 2019! So far he has enjoyed his time at ABS as well as with the CNA. But why all the interest in tech? “I have a desire to learn how the world works…seeing as though we are rapidly moving into a societal age where our lives are based and practically revolve around the internet.” (Well, he must feel right at home at ABS!)

No two days in the office are ever for the same for Frederick as our team of engineers keep him fairly busy with special projects and meetings. Even though he is learning a lot and we keep him pretty busy, overall Frederick would tell you he enjoys working at ABS. “ABS is a diverse company with a vast array of employees and personalities that collaborate together successfully to accomplish each task presented before them.” (That’s right, Frederick. We get stuff done!)