Favorite Quote:

“Live life to the fullest”  No one on their death bed has ever said, “I wish I could have worked more.”

Duane Brennan

Director of Solutions Architecture

Duane started his IT career he joined ABS in 1999. Working from the ground up, he has grown over the years and now serves as the Director of Solutions Architecture. In addition to staying ahead of the technology curve and working to ensure ABS is constantly providing clients with best in breed technology offerings, Duane manages a team of architects to design infrastructures to support a variety of complementary technologies.

While Duane spends a lot of time with technology and working hard, he says his most enjoyable moments are when he can be untethered – that’s his zen. Whether it’s surfing, scuba diving, hiking, camping, or winding around some back roads on a motorcycle, Duane loves the freedom of not having the technology around and getting back to the basics. Also a little bit of a jetsetter, Duane enjoys traveling to obscure places to get even more adventure in. He rarely comes back from a vacation well rested, but claims to be full of energy when he returns!

Certifications: CCIE