Favorite Quote:

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing.  That’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

Caitlin Johnson

Staffing Solutions Manager

Caitlin, a graduate of Old Dominion University, joined ABS in 2015 as our Talent Acquisition Manager before being promoted to the ABS Staffing Services Manager. She is responsible for recruiting top talent for ABS and ABS clients. (She has been doing a “WONDER”ful job!…see what we did there? ) Caitlin is originally from the San Antonio area, but has moved all around the world with her family so she’s lived in some pretty neat places such as Japan, Belgium, and Russia!

We asked Caitlin why she decided that ABS was a good fit for her. “Joining the ABS Team was a no-brainer” she told us.  “Everyone is so welcoming and the environment is wonderful! I can already see myself being with ABS for long time to come.”

Outside of the office, Caitlin enjoys spending time outdoors with her Great Dane, Delilah, sailing with her family, or brushing up on her golf skills. You also might find her taking it easy indoors reading a book or brushing up on her baking skills, especially anything cheesecake!