ABS Technology has a proven approach to securely connecting people, applications, and devices. Our solutions will help you innovate, reduce overall cost and complexity, enhance security, and realize the full value of mobility. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your environment with a robust network designed and implemented by ABS.

ABS Technology specializes in various security + networking solutions, including the following:


  • Local Area Network Design
  • Wide Area Network Design
  • Metropolitan Area Network Design

Data Center

  • Top-of-Rack Switching
  • End-of-Row Aggregation
  • Core Switching Platforms
  • Storage Area Networks (SAN)
  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Wireless Networks

  • Access Points
  • Wireless LAN Controllers
  • Wireless Network Management
  • Mobility Services
  • Mesh Wireless Solutions

Network Optimization

  • LAN/WAN Analysis
  • WAN Optimization
  • Network Performance Analysis + Health Checks

Network Security

  • Application Micro-segmentation
  • E-mail Security
  • Web Security
  • Advanced Malware Network Protection
  • VPN and Remote Network Management
  • Identity Services Engine Management

Physical Security

  • Video Surveillance (Distribute, Store, and Manage Surveillance Content, Indoor Cameras, Outdoor Cameras)
  • Access Control (Door Strikes, Remote Lock/Unlock, Door Contacts, Magnetic Door Locks, “Request to Exit” Buttons and more)


Safely connect users and guest devices to your network, all while protecting your investments and minimizing risk to your business with a solid data protection plan. We provide the ultimate security for your employees and customers, with an indoor/outdoor physical security solution.

New cyber and physical threats arise each day, which is why our expert technicians and engineers stay on top of industry trends and updates, ensuring that your business remains safe. By taking a closer look at your environment, we determine whether the appropriate solution(s) for you should include strategic camera placement or a data protection plan.

How We Can Help:

Network Security: With secure wired and wireless access (regardless of device) ABS connects users and guests to your network, helping your control and monitor your network content, protect against day-zero attacks, and reduce unwanted drains on storage resources.

Data Protection: A solid data protection strategy protects your investment and minimizes the risk to your business, enabling the seamless recovery of your systems due to machine, environment, or site failure.

Physical Security: Secure your environment, receive incident alerts, and protect your employees, students, and investments through a robust physical security solution. We’ll determine proper equipment placement and certify full functionality to protect your investment.


Leveraging years of IT experience in designing and deploying networks, ABS Technology understands that your business and customers expect high performing, reliable, and secure networks to communicate, collaborate, and more.

We hold the highest levels of certification from Cisco and other partners, giving you peace of mind when it matters.

How We Can Help:

Mobility: BYOD, Guest Access, Corporate Wireless

Collaboration: IP Telephones, Video Telepresence, Tools such as WebEx, Jabber, and Spark

Data Center: Core Route/Switch, Data Storage/Networking, Security

Security: Web/Email, Identity Services, Next Generation Firewalls, Physical Security

Network Optimization: Increase productivity, reduce cost, and dramatically reduce downtime while still meeting your organization’s growing connectivity requirements. Let ABS leverage proven best practices to design, validate, and implement a solution to maximize your time and resources.

Software-Defined Networking: Accelerate application deployment and delivery with a software-defined network to automate provisioning and configuration of your infrastructure, enabling delivery of applications and services within minutes - greatly reducing your IT costs.

Big Data: The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, swelling as billions of everyday objects become enhanced with technology, collecting and transmitting huge amounts powerful data and insights. Take advantage of big data, with a scalable, high-performing, efficiently managed network to achieve better business outcomes.

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