Recap: 2018 Sales + Engineering Kick Off

ABS recently wrapped up our Sales + Engineering Kick Offs. This year, our theme was “Up + Up Together.” We know that here at ABS, we are fortunate enough to have experienced success. However, we know that by continuing to work together as a team, we can reach new heights.

We kicked off the events by taking a look back at where we have been thanks to a montage throwback of ABS photos. I think everyone agreed that it really is true; if you want to know where you are going, you have to appreciate and know where you have been!

After setting the tone with embarrassing photos featuring big hair and what now seems to be ancient technology, we got down to business by focusing on education, team building, goal sharing and communication.

We really wanted to ensure our teams walked away feeling as though their time was well spent; therefore, we really focused on education and goal sharing. After all, if we are to function as a team we need to help each other to create goals that can help the company achieve overall success. We also need to communicate each other’s goals so that we can hold each other accountable, too.

Our partners also helped to educate us all on the latest advancements in the industry. A huge part of our success lies upon staying current on the latest changes in the technology industry. We simply can’t live up to our potential if we aren’t constantly up to snuff in the tech space. Thank you to all of our business partners who invested their time educating us during our Kick Offs.



Lastly, we know how important good old fashioned facetime is. With offices and employees spanning 4 regions, this is sometime difficult. Sharing a beer with someone over a telepresence video call just isn’t the same as when you can enjoy a cold one with your colleagues in person. Relationships are undoubtedly strengthened over facetime; it’s where bonding takes place and it certainly strengthens our work hard, play hard culture.

I absolutely love anytime we are able to get the entire team together.” said Hunter Dorroh, CEO + Visionary of ABS. “I truly believe it makes a difference when it comes to working as a team; having the facetime is crucial when it comes to building relationships and these relationships prove to be really key when it comes to working together to achieve our company-wide goals.  After seeing how connected our people are, I’m very confident we can achieve them as a unified team working together to serve our clients.

Now that Sales + Engineering Kick Off is behind us, I think it’s safe to say that we are now ready to hit the ground running to reach our goals, to go up and up, together.

To see additional photos from our Sales & Engineering Kick Offs check out #TuckerIsMyCopilot



A Cisco Partner Sales Academy graduate, Sarah Cartwright marries her technical understanding of the IT industry with her passion for marketing as the Marketing Communications Manager for ABS. In addition to staying on top of both marketing and IT industry trends, Sarah spends her time spearheading ABS’ marketing strategy and communicating ABS’ services and achievements.