Reinvesting Into ABS’ Leaders

December 10, 2018 Corporate Culture

Many of you might already be aware of how much I love the idea of giving back in order to grow our teams professionally. While we are all intensely focused on closing out 2018 strong, we recently invested time in growing our management team by hosting our annual Management Kick-Off event.

 We gathered all managers across ABS in one room for an entire day devoted to growth as managers. We learned together, strategized and discussed how each one of us can continue to grow in our roles as leaders within ABS. I simply loved the idea of getting everyone together, limiting distractions and focusing on principals that we could all apply in our day-to-day activities. We even hosted a Q+A Panel session which featured some of ABS’ most senior managers answering questions related to their management style, challenges and best practices. I’m a firm believer that we can all learn something from each other and this session gave some of our less-seasoned managers an opportunity to garner management advice from some of our wisest leaders.

 As we continue on our path towards growth and employee development, we are rounding out preparations for our Engineering + Sales Kick Off. This annual retreat focuses on our corporate direction, the latest technology advancements and gives us quality time together to build as a team. 

I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for ABS Technology but I know that by continuing to keenly focus on growing and investing in our teams, the sky is the limit!


Hunter DorrohAs the CEO & Visionary of ABS Technology, Hunter Dorroh works tirelessly to steer ABS towards success by putting his employees (or his ‘family members’ as he often refers to them as) communities, and customers first – always.