Our Secret Recipe: How to Merge Top Recruiting Trends & Strategies While Streamlining the Process

Recruiting really isn’t an art form, nor is it a science in itself.  But it’s certainly a combination of both with the end result forming a masterpiece. ABS knows that this recipe calls for many ingredients but without equal parts of: employee branding, screening methods, efficiency, organization, prioritization, and management. Take one of these crucial ingredients out and it’s like trying to make bread without yeast – hard to rise to the occasion.

With the need to hire qualified technical talent increasing and the job of a recruiter becoming even more difficult with a decreasing unemployment rate, how does ABS streamline all of these key processes that make our job more efficient while allowing our work lives to be more enjoyable?

At ABS Technology, we have perfected the recipe. We have developed a method that merges corporate recruiting and staffing into one effectively streamlined recruiting machine. We take two very different ideologies of sourcing and recruiting to combine industry “best of breed” methodologies. The end result creates a speedy and efficient way to identify and recruit candidates for internal hire and supports our Staffing Solutions Department as well.

The Perfect Temperature – Employer Branding: ABS has a marketing department that modernizes all material through our website. Our branding has been thoughtful and our culture is built upon a foundation of 45 years of business in the industry. We have a diverse, inclusive, and one of a kind culture where our people are truly what sets us apart from our competitors. Our stellar culture leads to referrals which make all the difference; although the IT industry is by no means small, when ABS Engineers know of five great, outside engineers, it only takes one of them to refer you an additional five rock star engineers to have created an amazing pool of talent.

Quality Ingredients – Candidate Screening: Furthermore, we strive to understand the cultural index of not only ABS, but of our clients as well. Regardless of the position, we screen candidates using personality tests, cultural indexing, and technical ability examination. Our applicant tracking system has been custom built to trigger next steps and to follow candidates and opportunities. This streamlines the process for hiring managers and the recruiting team.

Precise Timing – Effective Execution: Most importantly, we have a collaborative environment where everyone is willing to proactively provide assistance. We all step up to the plate as much as possible, and due to this key component, we are able to put candidates through the full life-cycle recruiting process quickly.

Without our fearless leader, Hunter Dorroh, ABS would not be the cultural anomaly that it is today.  And without marketing, in combination with our amazing people, we would not be able to spread the word about the great culture we have. And lastly, without our great recruiting tools, we would not be able to post jobs, pro-actively source candidates, and track candidates throughout the process.

If you lose one of the ingredients you can still finish baking your bread but it probably won’t taste all that great and you will likely end up throwing it away. Similarly, if you lose the ability to source quickly, you may end up missing out on a great hire. Or, if you make a quick decision without the properly vetting a candidate, you could end up making a disastrous and costly hiring mistake. Recruiting, like baking, is a masterpiece of both science and art working harmoniously within the organization that it supports.


ABS Staffing Services Manager, Caitlin Johnson, is responsible for recruiting top talent for ABS and ABS clients. She leverages her large network to place candidates in the right roles based upon their culture requirements,and technical aptitude.