4 Steps to Create an Onboarding Process for New Hires

4 Steps to Create an Onboarding Process for New Hires

Imagine this: the perfect candidate accepts a job offer and after just 45 days, their desk is deserted.

Everyone at the company is pondering the different scenarios for why this person did not work out, placing blame on various managers and departments. While yes, this could be the case in some scenarios, it is more likely that the onboarding process drove this perfect candidate away.

For those who have experienced onboarding fails, many find that the guidelines and training were not outlined for them, leaving them disoriented. Others may have expressed that introductions and meetings with different departments never happened, making them feel out of the loop and as if they did not play an essential role in the organization.

Retention of new employees relies heavily on the quality of the company’s onboarding process and the dedication of everyone involved making it as seamless as possible.

Avoiding onboarding fails is as simple as streamlining the process. Establish a procedure that outlines not only the employee’s first day but also the procedures leading up to and following their first day. The sink or swim method is not beneficial to anyone involved, especially the new employee.

Viewing the employee as an investment and treating them as such is the first step in a constructive, positive onboarding process. The end goal is the same no matter how the process varies. There are steps, procedures, and checklists that need to be involved in the process to ensure each employee gets the same quality of information and training as the next.

There are some essential tips and tricks that all HR and onboarding departments should have up their sleeve.

  1. Be prepared before the employees first official day. Any documents, including all new hire forms, should be completed electronically prior to their arrival.
  2. Leave the first day for a true orientation, giving the new employee insight into what they should expect from your company. Videos, meet and greets, and a structured plan in place will all be beneficial to a smooth first week for this person.
  3. Establish policies and procedures as part of a consistent onboarding process. These should be presented in a way that not only shows the new employee the necessity of following them but also shows the benefits of everyone at the company knowing them.
  4. Involve every department. Encourage team building across the board to ensure that the employee gets a feel for the company culture around the office. Open door policies and social gatherings after work hours are some ways to not only help build the new employee’s confidence but also showcase the work culture your company has worked so hard to establish.

ABS Technology has improved the on-boarding process recently, not only retaining great employees but also earning recognition as one of the best places to work in Virginia. Without our tried and true onboarding process, this award would have been much harder to achieve.

Yet, we know that continuous improvement is key to our growth and employee retention. While we may be one of the best places to work in Virginia, we will continue evaluating, tweaking, and improving our processes – just like the world’s leading employers!

Heather-Cook-1 Heather Cook joined the Staffing Solutions Department in 2019 as our Recruiting Coordinator. She joins the ABS team with experience in higher education recruitment and administrative work. Heather works closely with our Hiring Managers to coordinate all internal recruiting and onboarding tasks with strong attention to detail.

Heather graduated from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor of Science in Human Services. She was born in Las Vegas and spent some of her childhood in Wyoming.