“It’s All About the People” – ABS CEO + Visionary Receives Inside Business’ Entrepreneurial Excellence Award

June 28, 2017 Company News, Trends

Perhaps you have already heard the news! Hunter Dorroh was selected as a recipient of the 2017 Inside Business Entrepreneurial Excellence Award. This annual award highlights the entrepreneurial spirit of Hampton Roads individuals.

ABS’ CEO + Visionary humbly accepted his award as cheers rang out from his peers and fellow ABS employees (more often referred to as “family” or “friends” than employees or coworkers.) The loud cheers garnered a bit of attention from the announcer so much so that he joked about the volume level of the cheering section. In true fashion, Hunter replied, “That’s how we roll.”

It’s true, though. We roll deep and we roll with a great spirit – always. A win for one, is a win for all at ABS – why wouldn’t we all cheer at the top of our lungs for our fearless leader as he accepts such a distinguished award?

If you read the article posted by Inside Business, it shares insight into Hunter’s journey. He discusses the early days of ABS and overcoming obstacles. At the center of most of his responses and appreciation you will notice a resounding theme: the importance of the people.

“I can’t say it enough – it’s about the people. While this award is an amazing and humbling accomplishment, I undoubtedly wouldn’t be here without the amazing people I have surrounded myself with for the past few decades. At times I have failed to listen, to learn and to lead which resulted in ABS losing talented individuals. Our value is our people, period.” At ABS, all employees have heard this sentiment but more importantly, have seen it in action. An organization doesn’t thrive for 45+ years on lip service; that is for certain.

Of course his cheering section is going to be a little loud, of course it is going to be a little large; it’s full of family. It’s because he walks the walk and talks the talk. He exudes all of the ABS core values, ones we all embody ourselves. We are all thrilled for Hunter and all happy to be a part of the thriving, innovative engine that makes up ABS Technology.





A Cisco Partner Sales Academy graduate, Sarah Cartwright marries her technical understanding of the IT industry with her passion for marketing as the Marketing Communications Manager for ABS. In addition to staying on top of both marketing and IT industry trends, Sarah spends her time spearheading ABS’ marketing strategy and communicating ABS’ services and achievements.