How to Gain and Retain Top Performers

June 10, 2019 Staffing + Recruiting

How to Gain and Retain Top PerformersEmployers are having a difficult time finding and hiring IT talent lately. An unemployment rate of less than 4% certainly doesn’t help, especially when your team has recently lost a couple of key members and you’re on a tight deadline to deliver strategic projects to the company. How can companies adapt to ensure they’re retaining their top performers?

One of the first things employers should look at are the benefits they offer. Tech giants like Apple and Google offer an array of benefits including: 

  • Competitive salaries
  • Tuition reimbursement 
  • Health benefits (either fully covered, or close to it)
  • Stock options 
  • 24 weeks of paid maternity leave; 12 weeks paid paternity leave 
  • Free meals
  • Unique and desirable work environments 

Now, these are industry heavyweights so not every company can offer similar perks. However, here are some ways to make your company stand out in this low-supply/high-demand technology marketplace.

Evaluate the benefits you are currently offering 

These days, benefits make or break a job offer, so having the ability to offer competitive benefits will help your company gain and retain top performers.

Offer flexible work accommodations 

If a high-performing employee needs to work from home, being flexible might keep them on-board long term. Or at least when other companies approach them with compelling incentives.

Build a culture of positivity and excellence 

When people enjoy coming into work and collaborating with their colleagues, companies experience a lower turnover rate. Organizing special employee events, taking the time to recognize star performers, and having an open door policy are great ways to boost your culture.

Invest in your people and they will invest in you 

Offer training, have career paths developed for employees, offer paid mental health days, stock the café with snacks, and have a tuition reimbursement plan in place.


ABS Technology has a turnover rate well below the industry average– and we’re proud of that! Our CEO, Hunter Dorroh, has invested back into the company to create a culture of “work hard, play hard, be humble.” As a small business, maintaining competitive benefits can be challenging, but our leaders have always taken the initiative to ensure the cost of benefits is low for our staff. As an example of a less common benefit (and one I’m particularly grateful for), ABS offers 12 weeks for maternity leave, as well as paid paternity leave.

How to Gain and Retain Top Performers Caitlin JohnsonABS Staffing Services Manager, Caitlin Johnson, is responsible for recruiting top talent for ABS and ABS clients. She leverages her large network to place candidates in the right roles based upon their culture requirements, and technical aptitude.