Improve information sharing of industry threats, weaknesses, and mitigations.

Today there is a known gap in compliance regarding healthcare cybersecurity which results in a lack of required direction or governance. In some cases, following regulatory compliance unintentionally results in sharing and providing open access to security related information -which can lead to breaches. To make this information sharing safer, healthcare IT departments can subscribe to security threat advisories available through multiple deployment solutions.

ABS Technology can help deploy both Cisco Anti-Malware Protection (AMP) Threat Defense and Umbrella Threat Defense solutions. Leveraging both of these solutions will grant your organization access to the Talos Threat Defense network. This network is a great resource that enables healthcare organizations to share and discuss common cybersecurity incidents or topics.

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Lee Berdick is one of ABS' resident security experts and has decades of experience architecting sophisticated and secure networks.

Certifications: Certified Cisco Network Associate, Certified Cisco Design Associate, ITILv3, Palo Alto Networks Accredited Configuration Engineer, Splunk – SE I

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