Cyber Security for Healthcare

Define and streamline leadership, governance, and expectations for healthcare industry cybersecurity.

Many healthcare organizations have started the process of allocating specific resources to address the demanding requirements of IT security and cybersecurity. From an executive or administrative viewpoint, this effort will likely redefine or contribute to the roles and responsibilities from the top level down- through each managerial or service tier. Fortunately, healthcare organizations are discovering that managing the demands of cybersecurity require dedicated top-level leadership, often demanding the creation of an executive level position (ex. Chief Information Security Officer or CISO). IT cybersecurity has now reached a level of pertinence and importance that can see eye to eye with that of basic operational expenses. It has become a shared responsibility across all lines of services within an organization- no one is exempt anymore.

Detrimental cybersecurity threats are popping up at increasingly high rate with some organizations getting hit daily. This level of persistence requires constant alert notifications, impact evaluations and responses to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Consequently, expectations in properly managing cybersecurity threats will only increase with each breach that impacts critical operations. All healthcare organizations- whether in the beginning stages of focused efforts or those allocating additional cybersecurity resources need to remember the critical need for a baseline. A baseline, or a standard of organization for all points of information within your IT infrastructure, is a necessary step in securing your network. Comprehensive network and security assessments/audits are a recognized best practice for helping establish an organization’s much-needed IT infrastructure baseline.

ABS Technology offers network and security assessment solutions for healthcare organizations and businesses.

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Lee Berdick is one of ABS' resident security experts and has decades of experience architecting sophisticated and secure networks.

Certifications: Certified Cisco Network Associate, Certified Cisco Design Associate, ITILv3, Palo Alto Networks Accredited Configuration Engineer, Splunk – SE I

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