Increasing the Security and Resilience of Medical Devices + Health IT

Healthcare relies heavily on technology through all lines of services and in all managed facilities. Specialized medical devices that were previously autonomous standalone pieces of equipment have evolved into mobile, network connected devices. These devices are critically important in operational care and information sharing, and now they possess a wide variety of connectivity methods.

Properly managing these devices can require many control points that include device location and asset tracking, securing device networks or interface access, and securing all information transmitted to and from each device.

Sound overwhelming? ABS Technology offers a network access control solution, Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), which can help.

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Lee Berdick is one of ABS' resident security experts and has decades of experience architecting sophisticated and secure networks.

Certifications: Certified Cisco Network Associate, Certified Cisco Design Associate, ITILv3, Palo Alto Networks Accredited Configuration Engineer, Splunk – SE I

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