Giving Back – A Part of the ABS Culture

August 22, 2016 Corporate Culture, Trends

Community philanthropy has always been near & dear to my heart. Philanthropic roots were planted within ABS day one in 1972 when my father, John H. Dorroh Jr. established the organization. At the heart of ABS, at the heart of each employee, and what inspires and drives the true grit, “the work hard, play hard, be humble” mentality witnessed in all employees across the organization, is the spirit of giving back to the communities in which we do business.

Since ABS is a privately held company, ABS does not answer to shareholders.  ABS only answers to its clients, business partners, employees and the surrounding communities.  This level of flexibility affords ABS Technology the ability to graciously partake in numerous community philanthropy programs.

Over the years, ABS has donated nearly a million dollars to local charities and organizations such as: Bon Secours Health System, The American Heart Association, The Salvation Army, St. Baldrick’s, REACH Literacy Program, and the American Red Cross – just to name a few. I also encourage employees to participate in community events and spearhead activities amongst their coworkers that focus on giving back to their individual communities and ones that support causes which are near and dear to their own hearts. Furthermore, many employees actively participate as organizers and members of local boards for organizations such as the Norfolk SPCA, the Alzheimer’s Association, and the Fallen Patriots 5K.


ABS partnered with the Salvation Army, Denali Moose Tracks Ice Cream, and Mayfield Dairy Farms for the 10,000 scoop challenge! ABS volunteers rolled up their sleeves to give away as many scoops of ice cream as possible in 3 hours. $1.00 for every scoop given away was donated to the Salvation Army by Mayfield Dairy Farms & Denali Ice Cream!

I’m a firm believer that focusing on community philanthropy naturally fuels the level of synergy for all parties – ABS clients, business partners, employees, and the surrounding communities. I think it’s one of the secrets to what inspires ABS employees to succeed daily and to go the extra mile for our clients.

The constant pursuit of this is one of the things that makes ABS special, it’s what makes ABS unique, and it’s why ABS has been in business for over 40 years.


As the CEO & Visionary of ABS Technology, Hunter Dorroh works tirelessly to steer ABS towards success by putting his employees (or his ‘family members’ as he often refers to them as) communities, and customers first – always.