ABS Technology’s Secret Mindset to Productivity

February 27, 2017 Company News

“Get stuff done.” It’s one of my favorite mantras and closely related to some of our core values of being passionate and committed. I say it frequently and to my surprise (and delight, naturally) the phrase has trickled throughout the ABS culture. I hear it used almost daily, and for good reason. ABS’ 2017 goals are intense; after all, goals should be intense. Yet, to achieve them, everyone here knows that with clear focus, passion, execution and teamwork, they are within reach.

I recently held a quarterly planning session with my management and executive team to further break down our six primary focused initiatives for 2017. Out of those 6 initiatives, about 25 tactical initiatives were either discussed in depth or set in motion during this 3 day strategy session. It occurred to me, before we even wrapped up day one, that not only was everyone with a seat at that table willing and open to working together as a team, they truly embodied the notion of ‘get stuff done.’ I also can’t help but to believe that they are confident in their ability to complete these initiatives because they are all supported by a team of rock stars which will inevitably help them to complete their tactical initiatives.

I’m so proud of my team and their commitment, passion, and dedication to ABS and our mission to deliver exceptional client outcomes. By focusing forward, I’m confident that 2017 will be one of our best years yet. Now, back to ‘getting stuff done’ myself!

As the CEO & Visionary of ABS Technology, Hunter Dorroh works tirelessly to steer ABS towards success by putting his employees (or his ‘family members’ as he often refers to them as) communities, and customers first – always.