Employee Spotlight – Kirsten Conti

April 22, 2019 Staffing + Recruiting

ABS is committed to celebrating the contributions of each of our employees. Our team is diverse and brings a wide variety of skillsets to the table. We are so proud of them, in fact, that we just had to share details on how our team members succeed, work hard, play hard, and stay humble daily!

Q: Tell us about yourself!

A: Hi! My name is Kirsten Conti. I’m the Marketing Coordinator at ABS Technology. I coordinate all events and sponsorships that ABS is involved in – over 55 a year, in fact. These events include internal trainings, demos for our clients, conferences and so on. I also help to execute campaigns and keep our marketing swag inventory up!

Employee Spotlight – Kirsten Conti

Q: What is your team working on right now?

A: Currently, most of my efforts are focused on a new event we are hosting this year – Innovate//West Virginia. This inaugural event will be hosted in Hurricane, West Virginia and is geared towards healthcare and commercial clients. As our footprint continues to spread throughout West Virginia, it’s crucial that we provide updates and educate our clients there on new products from vendors. ABS is passionate about bringing new technology into rural areas that can greatly benefit from advances, especially in the healthcare industry.

Q: What is the most exciting thing happening in the industry/at ABS right now?

A: The most exciting thing happening in the industry right now is seeing how things like collaboration tools, video call capabilities, and RFID tracking can improve patient satisfaction and overall care in the healthcare industry. Healthcare affects everybody, regardless of what industry you work in. The rise in popularity of certain technologies in hospitals and doctors’ offices could lead to a complete shift in healthcare as we know it today. I’m continuously amazed and inspired by this. 

Q: What changes have you seen over the past few years in the industry?

A: Over the past few years, the biggest change I have seen in the industry is the shift to a subscription-based model for software and services. This is a positive shift, as subscription-based models allow for security and scalability. This is crucial in an age of evergrowing cyber threats, privacy concerns, and the growing need for more data storage.

Q: What changes have you seen over the past few years in your role?

A: As ABS continues to grow and offer more services, my role as a Marketer grows. When ABS rolls out a new service, it is crucial that Marketing plays a defining role in the messaging. As other services and departments, such as Staffing, grow, Marketing follows suit by strengthening our Staffing advertisements, campaigns, and messaging. It’s also critical that a Marketing team bends and molds with an organization’s changes. Each year, we strategize closely with our sales and executive teams to determine which direction we want to concentrate our efforts and on which services and products to focus.

Q: What changes have you seen over the past few years at ABS?

A: Over the last two years, there have been a few small operational changes as well as some bigger shifts in things like CRM and verticalization. Through the changes, big and small, I think the biggest indicator of who we are is what didn’t change – the sense of teamwork. ABS is always in it together, win or lose. Regardless of skill level or title, someone is always willing to chip in and help. This quality has remained evident through all the changes over the years and is a part of what makes ABS who we are.

Q: We want to get to know you a little bit better and what keeps you going on the day-to-day. Tell us, what surrounds you that keeps you motivated or helps you to do your job?

  • Smoothie – because I drink one every day – gotta get those greens!
  • Latte from Starbucks – because caffeine.

Employee Spotlight – Kirsten Conti

  • Binder of to-do lists, weekly goals, packing lists, etc. – I live by this. This binder helps me keep my life straight. Every day, I write my three biggest priorities; these are things I know I need to get done that day. Then, I fill in my to-do list with smaller tasks. It helps me stay on track, prioritize, and not let tasks slip through the cracks.

Employee Spotlight – Kirsten Conti

  • ABS brand guidelines and color palette – I refer to these daily. Staying on brand with all use of our logo, colors, and imagery is extremely important in my role. I’m a huge stickler when it comes to keeping things consistent and cohesive across the board on everything ABS distributes.
  • “Work Hard, Play Hard, Stay Humble” Picture – Our motto, “work hard, play hard, stay humble,” sits on my desk to serve as a reminder of the ABS Technology core values. These values embody our culture at ABS and the way we do business every day. It’s a great reminder to give 100% not only at work but in your personal life as well. We are here for a limited amount of days – make it count and always treat others with respect.Employee Spotlight – Kirsten Conti

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Sarah Cartwright joined ABS through the Cisco Partner Sales Academy. Fresh out of West Virginia University where she earned her BS in Business Administration as a Marketing major with a focus in Sales, Sarah spent her first two years with ABS as an Account Manager working directly with clients in her K-12 sales role, guiding clients through the ever-changing technological landscape.