Digitalization, Hiring, and the 2018 Employment Boom

January 29, 2018 Staffing + Recruiting, Trends

ABS Technology is headquartered in the Hampton Roads area and we were recently hit by the Blizzard of 2018. As the population geared up for a solid eight inches of snow and what turned out to be a pretty significant storm with power outages, road closings and business shutdowns, ABS geared up for a work from home week.

Digitalization has allowed for companies like ABS to adapt to inclement weather by providing the flexibility to stay home with our kids’ due to school closings, road closures, and so on. As a technology company, we work with clients all over the country up – up and down the east coast and across the mid-west. A significant portion of our staffing clients are local to the Virginia Beach area and the interesting thing is we all rallied through the storm together.

In an article on hiring trends for 2018 we read that slow processes are one of the biggest roadblocks getting in the way of hiring the best talent. Our team has noticed this issue and has been urging both internal and external decision makers that a sense of urgency in hiring great talent is necessary. This snow storm didn’t white out our scheduled interviews but showed that digitalization and technology can be used on a whole new level for recruiting and interviewing.

We had hiring managers that weren’t able to make it into the office for the day but instead of canceling their interview we were able to schedule telepresence interviews with candidates (Cisco WebEx is a glorious invention and the next best thing when you can’t drive to an in-person interview.) Instead of slowing down the week of interviews for our candidates, the snow storm actually created opportunity for our candidates. One of our candidates even received an offer the following Friday which resulted from an interview conducted during the snow storm!

2018 is here; it came in with a huge bang and a huge demand for skilled individuals in the Tech industry. Unfortunately, the new year didn’t bring in enough talent to fill those openings. I will continue to rally with my fellow recruiters and urge the decision makers in my world seek out the right candidate with a sense of urgency. I’m ready to match your sense of urgency while I work to find you that purple squirrel.



ABS Staffing Services Manager, Caitlin Johnson, is responsible for recruiting top talent for ABS and ABS clients. She leverages her large network to place candidates in the right roles based upon their culture requirements,and technical aptitude.