Culture Pulse

March 29, 2017 Company News

One of our strategic initiatives is culture, but what does this mean? Measuring intangibles like culture can be interpretative, fluid and relative. This complex, evolving, and delicate style of who we are as a team of professionals epitomizes why we succeed, or fail, together.

Growth and comfort do not coexist, but growth and empathy can.

As we continue to grow, maintaining a strong culture of cohesive effort, empathy, honesty, and focus is our goal. Keeping a pulse on progress is the critical for any initiative and our scorecard includes the following:

  • If someone commits to doing something, and it doesn’t happen, will the person(s) take responsibility or will they blame someone/something else? How will the rest of our team react – will they jump in and help, point fingers, or distance themselves from the task?
  • When we win, do we win together, or individually?
  • When we lose, do we lose together, or individually?
  • How quickly do we pivot when the market shifts? Who identifies and leads the shift?
  • When issues arise, do our teams bring proposed solutions or only the issues?
  • Are team members empowered to provide candid feedback and do they?
  • Are our corporate goals (and the “why”) clearly communicated, evidenced by our teams being able to move quickly and make good business decisions?
  • Do employees look forward to coming to work each day?

At ABS, we strive to “Always Be Solving.” These cultural concepts drive our success and exemplify our core values. From promoting a sense of family and maintaining open lines of communication among all levels of staff, to cooperating with local programs to give back our time to the community, we will continue to focus forward and evolve to serve our clients, team members, families and communities.

ABS Core Values
  • Be Passionate
  • Have Integrity
  • Be Kind
  • Be Humble
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Innovation
  • Commitment


Bryan Campbell, CPA, MBA is the VP of Strategy and Operations at ABS. He is also the creator and leader of Innovate: Norfolk and he has been the recipient of several awards to include the Top 5 Under 35 from the Virginia Society of CPAs, Top 40 Under 40 from Inside Business and Outstanding Young Alumnus from the University of Mary Washington.