Connected Healthcare Helping Save Lives with Technology

As we start off the New Year we are also right in the midst of flu season. Unfortunately, many of us will find ourselves in the stuffy waiting rooms of our local healthcare providers in attempt to get the remedies needed to get back to our everyday lives. Visiting the doctor can be quite the painstaking task, but through connected healthcare, technology enables us to improve the quality of care, improve health outcomes and lower care delivery costs. For example, imagine an Uber-like app that sends the doctor to you or a video chat with a caregiver that can prescribe medication. Now you don’t have to subject yourself to all the other illnesses you don’t have.

Connected Healthcare extends way beyond your typical doctor’s visits. With the advantages of connected healthcare, we are extending the reach of medicine worldwide by allowing our doctors and nurses to essentially tend to most needs, anytime, anywhere – empowering providers and patients alike. You may look at connected healthcare as building networks based on three main priorities: critical, guest and business. At the critical level, connected healthcare focuses on patient care, saving lives, etc. The guest level is where the public can share and communicate treating the patient as a true customer of the hospital. Finally, the business aspect of connected healthcare addresses applications for such things as billing, email and time clocks.

Connected healthcare is here and healthcare organizations are adopting new connected technologies rapidly. ABS is proud to be dedicated to helping our clients imagine, design and implement transformative IT solutions to meet business goals and objectives of the ever-changing healthcare field.

Greg has over 28 years of experience in the IT industry and offers a wealth of technical insight to help ABS clients reach their business outcomes through technology.