ABS Narrows Ownership to Propel Continued Expansion – Hunter Dorroh Takes Full Ownership of ABS Technology

September 4, 2015 Company News

The positive change and great momentum continues within the walls of ABS Technology’s new headquarters as Hunter Dorroh has purchased Walker Dorroh’s share of the company. Hunter and Walker initially purchased ABS from their father, John Dorroh Jr., in 1999.

A unified vision for the future of ABS is imperative to build upon ABS’ current momentum. Not only does Hunter have a vision for where he intends on leading ABS, he possesses the passion to ensure ABS gets there.

“Passion is often the core of success for individuals and companies alike,” says Hunter. “I have been fortunate to recognize that my personal passion is leading ABS, supporting the communities in which we do business, and serving my employees to the best of my abilities. Walker also has his own set of passions and I wish him all the best as he pursues them and his future endeavors.”

Over the past year, ABS Technology has grown rapidly compelling them to move into a larger HQ office space, hire over 25 new employees, rebrand, and to even launch a new website. Moreover, ABS continues to value their employees as they have initiated a number of company-wide programs which provide training, bonuses, wellness initiatives and a host of office perks of which employees can take full advantage.

Along with the rest of ABS, Hunter is excited for the future of the organization. “I can’t begin to express how fired up I am for the future of ABS as we continue to build upon our current momentum, growth, and profitability; it is truly amazing to see how far we have come. I am thrilled to reach new heights with ABS and to experience what the future has in store for us.”


A Cisco Partner Sales Academy graduate, Sarah Cartwright marries her technical understanding of the IT industry with her passion for marketing as the Marketing Communications Manager for ABS. In addition to staying on top of both marketing and IT industry trends, Sarah spends her time spearheading ABS’ marketing strategy and communicating ABS’ services and achievements.