A Recruiters Job is Helping Candidates

September 24, 2018 Staffing + Recruiting

Looking for a new opportunity or making a career move can be quite intimidating and stressful. From a recruitment standpoint, the market is extremely competitive right now with the unemployment rate at 3.9%, which is the lowest it has been in the last decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Fortunately, recruiters are here to help you navigate through the process to find an opportunity that makes sense for you.

We have all been to a car dealership or an electronic store like Best Buy and experienced that pushy salesman who isn’t listening to what you are looking for. They just try to sell you something that will get them the most commission. On the flip side, you may have worked with a great salesperson who does listen to what your needs are and exactly what you’re looking for; in this instance you usually walk away satisfied with the product that made sense for you. Recruiters are the same exact way.

Unfortunately, there are recruiters out there who push you into an opportunity that doesn’t make sense for you when they are trying to meet a quota. A quality recruiter doesn’t just throw your name in the hat because you meet the years of experience or have certain certifications. A quality recruiter asks a candidate questions such as: “What do you want out of an opportunity?” “Why are you looking for a new opportunity?” “What is your end goal in your career?”

Questions like these can help a recruiter understand what opportunity makes the most sense for you. Finding a fit for a company is a priority for a recruiter but so is finding a fit for a candidate. Priorities for candidates are not all the same, either. For some it’s about the money, others it is commuting. It could be the workplace culture or even just a better work life balance. Whatever the priority is, recruiters want to make sure your next career move makes the most sense for you. Trying to force a square peg in a round hole only causes problems for everyone involved.

When it comes to your career search don’t be afraid to utilize recruiters and be completely transparent with them. If everything is conveyed thoroughly, then you can trust the recruiter to do their job properly to help you land a role that’s a great fit for both you and the organization.


Peter-Mancuso-1 Peter Mancuso works for ABS as a Technical Recruiter where he enjoys the opportunity he has every day to help others find or advance their career.