3 Signs You’re Being Too Picky When Hiring

March 18, 2019 Staffing + Recruiting

3 Signs You’re Being Too Picky When HiringTop talent is in high demand and the need for a smooth and quick hiring process is becoming even more important. The unemployment rate for tech professionals in the US is a low 2.9% according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

With the percentage that low, the search for qualified talent is becoming increasingly difficult. Most tech professionals are receiving multiple calls and emails a day from recruiters. This means hiring managers need to be quick, decisive and not too picky when looking for new employees.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case and these three signs are a good place to start to improve your hiring process.

  • Focusing on certifications and education

Certifications and a degree are sometimes a necessity for certain fields. But having a traditional education doesn’t always lead to stronger skills. Getting caught up on a candidate having a specific certification can slow your hiring process. Time and money often hinder individuals from getting certified, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the skills.

Frequently candidates will meet the mark for everything an employer wants but they lack the education or certification. Instead of getting stuck on those requirements, focus on where they are strong in other areas and potentially offer support for certifications once hired!

  • You are losing qualified candidates

Often times managers try to hold out for the “perfect” candidate. But does the perfect candidate really exist?

A thorough job description is great but it shouldn’t always be seen as a checklist where a potential employee must meet every mark. There are so many qualified candidates out there who often get passed up because they may be lacking one or two skills.

Holding on to these individuals and dragging them through a lengthy interview process often deters them and in the end, you are losing out on a qualified candidate while hoping to find the “perfect” one.

  • Vacancies are negatively impacting business operations

If daily operations are starting to suffer because of unfilled positions, it’s more than likely a sign that you are being too picky when hiring and dragging out your hiring process. When your team is short staffed, they often have to pick up extra work which in turn causes employees to become overworked and unhappy. Having vacancies in your team causes a loss in productivity, profit, and overall team morale.

3 Signs You’re Being Too Picky When Hiring

Kaitlyn Julien joined the ABS Staffing team in 2018 with a Communications degree from Radford University. She previously worked for her national sorority as a travel consultant where she developed her love for working with people. From this experience, she knew she was passionate about helping others reach their fullest potential.