2018 School Security Grant Application Now Available

June 26, 2018 Company News

James F. Lane, the Superintendent of Public Instruction has released a statement indicating that the notes to fund the Virginia Public School Authority closed on the issuance of $6M in notes to fund the Security Equipment Grants program for the 2018-2019 school-year.

These grants, awarded on a competitive basis, can be awarded to school divisions for up to $100,000 coupled with a 25% local match by the school division. This program has been helping school divisions implement a variety of school safety equipment such as:

  1. Intercom systems
  2. Hurricane or Ballistic Security window film
  3. Technology equipment to support security systems
  4. Security door hardware
  5. Electronic access control systems
  6. Visitor badging system
  7. Surveillance equipment and cameras
  8. Security scanning equipment
  9. Two-way radios
  10. Security alarm systems
  11. Mass notification telephone systems equipment
  12. Security panic systems
  13. Security lighting systems
  14. Classroom security door locks
  15. Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)

Many IT Directors and Facilities Directors have taken advantage of this program, outfitting their schools with the technology needed to keep their students & faculty safe. For more information, visit the Virginia DOE’s website for more details.