Favorite Quote:

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try” – JFK

Laura Helwig

Partner Program Manager

Laura initially joined ABS is 2005 as the Director of Administration. These days, Laura acts as our Partner Program Manager. She works tirelessly with each of business partners to ensure each end of business relationships are upheld! Why, after all of these years, does Laura still love working for ABS? We asked her! “ABS is more than just a company. It’s a family, where you grow together, win together and, sometimes, lose together.  Through ups and downs ABS has always worked as a TEAM and always put employees and customers first.” (That’s right. Laura knows how we roll!)

With TWO sets of twins (ages 3 and 15) – three boys and one girl, for good measure! Laura stays pretty busy, to say the least! In her free time, she enjoys following soccer, especially when it comes to cheering for her boys along the sidelines on the weekends! Outside of that, she catches a flight home to Italy whenever she can!