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Why Should My Business Take a Look at “As a Service”?

It’s interesting how people view the “pay as you go” or “as a service” models,…

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Cisco Spark – Amongst a Sea of Collaboration Tools, What’s the Point?

Cisco Spark has been a thing for quite a while now, and it comes free…

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Four Elements to Achieve Contact Center Success

I’ve been doing contact center deployments nearly as long as I’ve been in IT. I…

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Ripple Effects + How to Avoid Making Waves

When you throw a stone in a quiet pond a nice circular wave emerges on…

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Avoiding Issues with Number Ports

A potentially stressful component of working with a communications system is the process of porting…

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The A-Z of IT

I figured I would take a break this time from my normal blogging content and…

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WiFi Evolved

Wireless technologies evolve faster than the virus responsible for the common cold—or at least it…

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How One Federal Program is Helping Schools and Libraries Close the Fiber Gap

The filing window for 471’s has passed and the 2017 E-rate season has come to…

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Top Tips for Next Level Presentation Skills

Presentations tend to be a norm and still prove to be imperative in any industry…

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Change and Agility, It’s Business and it’s Personal

The media is still talking about the pace of change in the IT Industry, and…